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PDF Biologics Clinical Review
PDF AlloDerm™ Study Detail Sheet

technique guides and fact sheets

PDF International Biologics Applications Matrix
PDF AlloDerm RTM Surgical Technique Guide
PDF AlloDerm RTM Check the Facts
PDF AlloDerm RTM Check the History and Processing
PDF Ridge Augmentation with MinerOss®, MinerOss® X and Mem-Lok® RCM
PDF Biologics Hard Tissue Comparison
VIDEO Improve your success with soft tissue grafting using acellular dermal matrix by Dr. Edward P. Allen
VIDEO Socket graft management: setting patients up for success

Interactive Prosthetic Technique Manual

PDFNEW – Prosthetics Technique Manual
PDFProsthetics Catalog

introduction modules

PDF why choose BioHorizons prosthetics
PDF surgical and prosthetic options & impression technique overview

impression technique modules

PDFVIDEOclosed tray pick-up technique using the snap coping
PDFcustom tray fabrication
PDFVIDEOopen tray technique using the direct pick-up coping module
PDFfabricating a custom impression coping using the open tray technique
PDFVIDEOclosed tray technique using the indirect transfer coping
PDFfabricating a custom impression coping using the closed tray technique
PDFconventional crown and bridge impression technique
PDFVIDEOMulti-unit abutment open tray technique using the direct pick-up coping
PDFVIDEOMulti-unit abutment closed tray technique using the indirect transfer coping
PDFSimple Solutions snap-cap impression technique module
PDFVIDEOOD Secure impression technique module
PDFVIDEOLocator® abutment impression technique
PDFVIDEOball abutment impression technique

abutment selection and handling modules

PDFabutment selection guide
PDFcrown cementation technique
PDFhandling of Laser-Lok® abutments

temporary restoration modules

PDFscrew-retained crown using the PEEK temporary cylinder abutment
PDFscrew-retained crown using the Laser-Lok Easy Ti temp abutment

cement-retained crown using the Laser-Lok Easy Ti Temp abutment and PEEK plastic sleeves

cement-retained crown using a PEEK temporary abutment

screw-retained crown using a PEEK temporary abutment

immediate cement-retained restorations using the two-piece custom temporary abutment

immediate cement-retained restorations using the Laser-Lok two-piece custom temporary abutment
PDFscrew-retained bridge using titanium temporary abutments

cement-retained restorations modules

PDFcement-retained single crowns using cementable abutments
PDFcement-retained bridge using cementable abutments
PDFchairside modification of cement-retained abutments

screw-retained restoration modules

PDFscrew-retained single crowns using custom-cast abutments
PDFscrew-retained bridge using custom-cast abutments

full-arch restoration modules

PDFMulti-unit abutment hybrid or fixed-detachable screw-retained restoration
PDFMulti-unit abutment bar overdenture

verification jig fabrication

correcting a non-passive framework

VIDEOOD Secure chairside pick-up using existing denture module

VIDEOLocator® abutment overdenture: chairside pickup using existing denture

VIDEOball abutment overdenture: chairside pickup using existing denture

custom CAD/CAM restoration modules

PDFcustom (CAD/CAM) prosthetics overview
PDF Precision Angled Screw Restoration Overview
PDF Unique Design Advantages of the BioHorizons Conical Internal Hex Connection

Laser-Lok microchannels

PDFLaser-Lok Research Summary
VIDEOLaser-Lok Technology Animation
VIDEO Cellular Response to Laser-Lok Dental Implant Surface Treatment
VIDEO Global Symposium 2013 Technical Highlights
VIDEO Does Laser-Lok Discourage BioFilm Formation


PDFTapered Internal HD Catalog & Surgical Manual (TSK400)
PDFTapered Pro Surgical System
PDFTapered HD Surgical Kit Reference Chart (TSK4000)
PDFTapered HD Drill Sequence Chart (TSK4000)
PDFTapered Short Catalog & Manual
PDFTapered HD Drill Usage Chart (TSK4000)
PDFTapered Short Drill Usage Chart
PDFTapered Internal Plus Catalog & Surcigal Manual (TSK3000)
PDFTapered Internal Color Coding Reference Card

computer guided surgery

PDFGuided Surgery Kit Catalog & Manual
PDFGuided Surgery Kit Reference Chart
PDFGuided Surgery Kit Drill Sequence Chart
PDFGuided Surgery Kit Drill Usage Chart
XLXSGuided Surgery Protocols


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